India 2.0 - Journey Beyond 2020
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About SMC Central 21

India has faced unprecedented challenges on various fronts since last year but despite all these odds, our country has emerged as an even stronger nation than before. India has revamped itself with a whole new era of digitization, self- capability and self-sufficiency. This innovative transition marks a new beginning for our country with transformed health, economic and educational structures. IIT Kanpur Alumni Association and Entrepreneurship Cell proudly brings to you the 20th edition of Startup Master Class – “’India 2.0′- Journey Beyond 2020”.

With insightful talks, enthralling discussions and intriguing competitions, SMC ensures a wholesome experience. From inspiring creative ideas to expediting startups, SMC offers countless opportunities to budding entrepreneurs to prove their mettle and pave their way into the entrepreneurial world. 

Key Attractions

An opportunity to uplift your ideas and pitch them on one of India’s biggest pitching platforms and leave behind a powerful impact, SMC provides you a chance that you wouldn’t wanna miss. Pitch your idea in front of 40+ business experts and renowned investors from all over the country, and gain their visibility as your live audience. Open for startups of all ages, rake in!



Startup Expo is a virtual event where startups will get a chance to showcase their startup in front of renowned Investors, Industry leaders and other dignitaries and to gather an exceptional network base. This event will be held on Townscript live where participants will be allotted virtual tables to showcase their creative ideas to our esteemed panel of guests. The guests will be able to visit any table to view the startups’ products and interact with them. 

General Idea

Ideathon is a competition for IITK Students who want to try their hands at Entrepreneurship or test their problem-solving skills by bringing a feasible startup solution to existing problems in campus, specially after the Covid-era. The competition has two tracks, Student Only, where the students can form their teams and participate on their own to provide a business solution to a problem they find relevant to the campus or can choose it from the given list. The other track is Student- Alumni track where each team will be assigned an alumni to guide them towards a feasible solution.The teams have to prepare a presentation describing the details of their idea and present their solution on their own to the jury members, irrespective of the track.


SMC one-on-one sessions help participants seek one-on-one expert mentorship on their startup ideas with an opportunity to meet 60+ Mentors – Investors, VCs, Accelerators, Industry experts and other successful entrepreneurs from diverse fields of HealthTech, Fintech, Edtech etc. Individuals or teams can seek mentorship on their start-up or other entrepreneurship queries by meeting the speakers, investors or mentors in a one to one 10-15 min session.  The time slots with respective PR will be released prior to the event in the form of google form.The slots for this session will be allocated to the participants on first come first serve basis. 

Power 5x is a series of sessions that brings you the insightful journeys of present-day pioneers in the entrepreneurial world, how they have depicted the veracious meaning of “power” by conquering their own quest despite the challenges they faced during the Covid pandemic.

The speaker panel will consist of esteemed IIT Kanpur alumnus who will share their motivating stories revolving around tracks of FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech and blockchain technology. 

Get inspired and shape your ideas by how they tackled extraordinarily unusual situations which arose during the pandemic and emerged even stronger than ever. 

This event will consist of talk sessions delivered by five speakers distributed over a period of five days. 
“While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others” 
-Rick Warren


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Hemant Jalan
24th April 10:30 AM

Managing Director at Indigo Paints Pvt Ltd

Ramakant Sharma

Founder and COO at Livspace

Abhay Singhal
25th April 9:00 AM

Co-Founder InMobi Group (InMobi, Glance, Roposo) and CEO of InMobi Marketing Cloud

Michael Seibel

Managing Director and Group Partner at Y Combinator

Amit Prakash
25th April 9:30 AM

Co-founder and CTO, ThoughtSpot Inc

Mukesh B.
25th April 4:00 PM

CEO and W.I.P, Curefit

Subrata Mitra
24th April 11:00 AM

Partner at Accel


Nikhil Kurele
19th April 6:00 PM

Co-founder, Noccarc

Devashish Fuloria
20th April 6:00 PM


Ravish Agarwal
22nd April 6:00 PM

CEO at Able Jobs

Harsh Pokharna
21st April 6:00 PM

Co-Founder and Ceo, OkCredit

Amit Kumar Agarwal
23rd April 6:00 PM

Founder & CEO at

Accel Partners panel

Rashie Jain

Co-Founder & CEO at | Wharton | IIT Kanpur

Varun Khaitan

Hiring hungry business development folks!

Sai Srinivas Kiran G

Co-Founder and CEO at Mobile Premier League

Subrata Mitra
24th April 11:00 AM

Partner at Accel


Ketan Gaikwad
24th April 12:00 PM

M.D. & CEO at Receivables Exchange of India Ltd

Rajesh Dhuddu
24th April 12:00 PM

Vp and Practice Leader, Tech Mahindra

24th April 12:00 PM

Co-Founder and Ceo at SupplyNote

Sharat Chandra

Blockchain & Emerging Tech Evangelist

Abhijeet Bhandari

SMC Program Lead


Asheesh Sharma
24th April 12:00 PM

Head, JEE-NEET, Byjus’s

Karanvir Singh
24th April 12:00 PM

Ceo, pariksha

Vipin Agarwal

SMC Program lead

Krishna Kumar

CEO – Simplilearn


Abhishek Poddar
24th April 12:00 PM

Co-Founder and CEO, Plum

Ramakant Vempati
24th April 12:00 PM

Founder, Wysa

Kshitij Garg
24th April 12:00 PM

Chief Business Officer, Emoha Eldercare

Rahul Seth

Director at Antler

VC Jury

Ashish Kumar

Partner, Fundamentum

Nikhil Agarwal


Mohit Jhawar

Head M&A flipkart

Esha Tiwary

General Manager, India at Entrepreneur First

Surya Mantha

Unitus Ventures

Vadiraj Aralappanavar

Ecosystem Leader/Product Leader / CXO / Entrepreneur


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Anand Verma

SMC Co-lead

Vinay Garg

SMC Event Lead

Vipin Agarwal

SMC Program lead

Abhijeet Bhandari

SMC Program Lead

Bhavna Uttamchandani

SMC Outreach lead

Mayank Verma

Advisor, SMC

Amit Tiwari

Advisor, SMC

Tanu Modi

Manager, Events, E-Cell

Shreyansh Dubey

Overall Coordinator, E-Cell

Mudit Mamodia

Manager, Events, E-Cell

Tanmay Sinha

Manager, Design, E-Cell


SMC Outreach Co-lead

Mavinder Singh

SMC Marketing lead